Custom computer specialists and PerScholas form partnership to distribute computers to underserved communities


Custom Computer Specialists, Inc. (Custom), a Northeast information technology service provider specializing in support services, and PerScholas, an environmentally responsible non-profit organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, have announced that they are joining forces to provide clients a means to achieve socially responsible IT lifecycle management.

'PerScholas is doing amazing things for people and communities, and asks for no more than retiring IT assets to support their programs,' said Chris Harris, Practice Lead at Custom. 'By repurposing end-of-life PCs, they provide an intergenerational solution to the digital divide. They have connected over 80,000 underserved children, families and seniors to donated computers, and will environmentally dispose of what's left. In today's economy, we believe it's more important than ever to help organizations streamline their IT operations. Our partnership enables our clients to achieve more cost-effective and efficient IT, while helping people in need. It's a win - win - win.'

'Custom's philosophy is to always do what's right for its clients, even and especially when nobody's looking,' said Damien Howard, a Vice President of Business Development at PerScholas. 'At the core of our partnership is a necessary, high quality and efficient service that provides clients a new socially responsible model to completely manage their IT assets. It seems natural for Custom and PerScholas to partner together,' said Mr. Howard.

About Custom Computer Specialists, Inc.

Founded in 1979, Custom Computer Specialists helps Northeast public and private sector clients get maximum value from their IT investments. Custom's unique combination of privately owned flexibility and extensive IT capability empowers it to create client-centric solutions that deliver expected results. For more information, please contact Jean Derespina at 631-630-1243, or

About PerScholas

PerScholas is an environmentally responsible nonprofit organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing education, technology and economic opportunities to under-served communities. Operating out of locations in the Bronx and Miami, their programs use technology to empower children and help adults build living-wage careers. PerScholas provides environmentally responsible recycling for computer equipment, the best of which is reconditioned and distributed. For more information, please contact Jaclinn Nudel at 718-772-0638, or

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