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Custom Mining Plugs

Source: Fleximake PTY Ltd

Inflatable Mining Plugs for mining industry.

Fleximake are one Australia’s leading suppliers of high-quality, state of the art flexible products for uses across a range of different sectors. We use sustainably sourced textiles and plastics to create products that can be used in the residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors. We produce inflatable pipe plugs that can be used in sewers and tunnels, important for stopping flow in a duct during maintenance, repair, and inspection.

Inflatable tunnel plugs and Coned Ventilation Parachutes are flow stoppers that temporarily close off pipes and openings in industrial applications. Fleximake Inflatable Plugs and Blow Up Pipe Plugs are suitable for use in sewerage systems for inspections, repairs and cleaning. We also manufacture Inflatable Plugs and Coned Ventilation Parachutes for a wide variety of applications such as tunnel construction and maintenance.

Fleximake inflatable plugs have been successfully applied in power plants and LNG processing plants during periodic maintenance of gas turbines, to close off inlet and exhaust ducts in order to achieve isolated environment for humidity control.