Customer Spotlight: E-Scrap Application


Source: SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

Industrial Shredder Manufacturers Ssi Shredding Systems Inc., Have Worked With Ecs For Over 20 Years To Improve Their Production And Efficiency.

In 1980, Jim Taggart founded ECS, a waste recycling and material recovery company, on the principles of keeping recycling domestic, efficient, and environmentally friendly. 37 years later ECS has kept its promise keeping all waste processing in the states while continually striving to create greener and more refined processing systems and techniques. With over seven plants nationally, ECS is one of the largest e-waste processors in the country.

“It’s one of those great careers,” explains Jeff Ball, general manager of ECS Refining, “where you can stand back and say you were part of making a difference both for people’s lives as well as making a difference in the environment.” The ECS refining plant in Stockton California processes over 10 million pounds of e-waste each month making it the largest such processor in the state.

ECS plays an invaluable role in protecting the environment from the hazardous e-waste. “Our place in the life of e-scrap,” states Mark Robards, vice president of sales, “is to keep this material out of landfills, and to keep it from shipping overseas.” Robards further explains that many overseas e-waste processors “still handle [e-scrap] in dangerous ways.”

ECS and SSI have shared a partnership spanning over two decades. ECS opted for low-speed, shear-type shredder technology to reduce downtime and improve plant safety. Highspeed shredders and other scrap processing equipment produce a lot of hazardous dust and require a lot of maintenance. “Shear shredders do a much nicer job,” says Ken Taggart, executive vice president. ECS now owns over a half dozen SSI shredders across their facilities nationwide.

“The engineering support team that comes with the equipment has been phenomenal,” says Jeff Ball. “Having used other shredders in past careers,” Ball continues, “SSI stands out as the marquee of something you can count on day in and day out.”  

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