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Source: Carbon Activated Corporation

Los Angeles, CA -- All of Carbon Activated Corporation’s high-quality coconut shell and coal base products are manufactured at the company’s own plants. With the addition of their newly-established, state-of-the-art crushing and screening plant in the United States, they can now make custom activated carbon products for various purification applications where precise particle sizes are required, such as water filter manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, and food decolorizing.

Offering a wide range of sizes including 30x60, 40x80, 20x50, 50x200, 80x325, 100x325, and -325 mesh sizes, as well as a full range of the standard US mesh sizes, Carbon Activated also tailors their products to customer’s needs with specially-formulated products such as impregnated and catalytic activated carbons.

Carbon Activated’s facilities in the United States include an in-house Research & Development Department and Quality Control laboratories equipped with the most sophisticated particle size analytical instruments including a Laser Diffraction PSD and a ­Sonic Particle Sifter. These instruments accurately analyze particle sizes of customized activated carbon grades to ensure product conformity to the customer’s applications and processes.

With free technical support and faster customization of products, Carbon Activated can quickly meet any activated carbon needs with their high-grade, guaranteed products.

Carbon Activated Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and provider of activated carbon solutions for many applications, including water and air purification, municipal potable water and wastewater treatment plants, odor removal, biogas cleaning, and precious metal recovery. Carbon Activated provides liquid and vapor filter systems and installations and has advanced material handling equipment for change-outs. Offering onsite laboratory testing, superior lead-time and quality control and performance-guarantees, their industry experience allows them to offer the best solution for your specific application. Their activated carbon and filter media is certified for NSF-61 and meets AWWA standards; ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

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