Daimer Debuts Conventional Pressure Washers that Alternative of Vapor Steam Cleaner


Source: Daimer Industries Inc.

Produce plants require similar cleaning power and technologies as other food and beverage facilities. Proper cleaning is crucial to help prevent Salmonella and other dangerous bacteria. New 100% electric hot water pressure washer machines provide the necessary cleaning power without any fumes whatsoever.

WOBURN, MA U.S.A – December 13, 2012 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the industry's leading American brand of rugged, versatile, and technologically superior cleaning technologies, including exclusive vapor steam cleaners with proprietary features, robust mobile pressure washer machines, high suction water damage restoration machines, and literally hundreds of other models sold to customers large and small spanning 200 nations, is now shipping the company's unique Vapor-Flo® 8810, which is a powerful hot water pressure washer designed exclusively for use in food and produce plants to ensure removal of Salmonella. Daimer®'s customers include some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.

“Salmonella that can contaminate food and cause serious health risks can easily thrive in slaughter houses and food packing plants. It is imperative to help prevent Salmonella from contaminating a facility's surfaces, such as floors, conveyor belts, and more,” says Matthew Baratta, spokesperson of Daimer Industries, Inc.®. “Daimer® is excited to offer a 2030 psi, all electric hot water pressure washer targeted to clean most hard surfaces and help prevent bacteria formulation and subsequent food safety problems. People's lives are dependent upon maintaining the ultimate in cleanliness within produce facilites.”

The Vapor-Flo® 8810 is an innovative electric powered commercial pressure washer designed to meet the unique needs of cleaning professionals within food production and processing plants. As fuel powered versions including gas pressure washer systems are not permitted in such settings, cleaning experts will greatly appreciate the launch of completely electric versions such as the Vapor-Flo® 8810.

Approximately 40,000 cases of Salmonella infections are reported annually in the United States. The elderly, young children and the immune-compromised are more likely to get infected with the bacteria. It is estimated that around 400 people die each year in the U.S. of acute Salmonellosis. To prevent such infections, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors the safety of processed meat and food products.

Daimer® Vapor-Flo® 8810 is a completely electric powered and heated pressure washer specifically designed to cater to the cleaning needs in facilites seeking to clean thoroughly and effectively with complete independence from fossil fuels. Many top industrial pressure washers and steam cleaners require the use of natural gas, diesel oil, and propane, all of which are normally forbidden within food facilities. Typically, safety management avoids the use of non-electric alternatives due to potential contamination of food contact surfaces.

The machine's powerful 3.0 HP motor endows the high powered electric pressure washer system with ideal efficiency and cleaning power. High pressure levels of 2030 psi ensure effective elimination of the toughest deposits from different surfaces.

Efficient and effective removal of food deposits from within produce plants demands the use of commercial pressure washer systems capable of generating higher temperatures. The Vapor-Flo® 8810 electrically heated pressure washer machine is empowered with an advanced heating system that enables heating of water to temperatures as high as 175°F in 20 seconds. The hot water combined with flow rates of 1.4 gpm works wonders in dissolving and washing off deposits from stainless steel and other commonly used metals as well as plastics, etc.

The Vapor-Flo® 8810 also rates high in terms of durability. The powder-coated, steel casing of the electric pressure washer protects it from chemical corrosion and chipping. The mobility feature is further enhanced by a 25 degree stainless steel spray nozzle that offers users a wider spray pattern to cover larger areas quickly and effectively.

Different power methods, custom hose lengths, and adjustable pressure levels are other features that make the Vapor-Flo® 8810 more versatile and efficient than conventional gas pressure washer systems. Based on the nature of application to be managed, cleaning professionals can switch between cold and hot water. The standard pressure nozzles of the Vapor-Flo® 8810 come with incorporated filters.

For Additional Information:
To obtain additional details about the Vapor-Flo® 8810, call Matthew Baratta directly on (888) 507-2220 or visit Daimer®’s website http://www.daimer.com/pressure-washers/. The pressure cleaners and all other products featured on the website are marketed to most nations around the world.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:
Daimer Industries, Inc.® is the world leader of advanced cleaning machines including commercial floor cleaning machine models, steam cleaners, mobile carpet extractor machines, natural gas pressure washer systems, varied auto detailing equipment, and multi-purpose hard floor cleaners totaling over 600 models for tile and grout cleaning, car washing, and mostly all cleaning applications within North America and globally.

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