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Daimer Releases Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners for Cleaning Contractors


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WOBURN, MA, U.S.A – August 21, 2013 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the universally renowned brand and supplier of over 700 models of top-grade truck mount carpet cleaning machines, reliable car wash systems, and more, is now shipping the XTreme Power® XPH TM 15230. The machine features a powerful 25 HP gasoline engine for maintaining large carpets in commercial and home settings.

The 15230 comes with two stainless steel heating coils that can create temperatures as high as 210ºF for fast removal of stubborn deposits and stains. The adjustable heat exchanger temperature control helps users clean different types of carpets with the ultimate in versatility. The XPH TM 15230 carpet shampoo machines are ideal for cleaning contractors, as these can be easily mounted on trailers and can be used to clean carpets remotely.

“Heavy-duty commercial carpet cleaning tasks cannot be handled with machines lacking superior cleaning power. Truck mount machines with advanced features are best for such applications, says Matthew Baratta, spokesman of Daimer Industries, Inc.®. “Daimer® is excited to launch a model that makes even the most difficult commercial cleaning jobs easy for cleaning contractors. The steel frame, high temperatures, long hoses, large recovery tank size of 40 gallons for extended use, and powerful extraction make the XTreme Power® XPH TM 15230 truck mount carpet cleaning machines perfect for use in practically commercial, industrial, and residential facilities.”

Daimer® is world known for supplying high-quality cleaning machines that are equipped with modern features and technologies. Professional car carpet shampooer systems, high-powered truck mount carpet cleaning machines, durable steam vacuum cleaners, and rugged pressure cleaners are some of the types of equipment from the company's stable of products. The systems are shipped to 240+ countries all across the globe and are being used in almost every industry. The company is an expert in product engineering and designs machines that can handle virtually all kinds of cleaning applications. Daimer®'s car wash systems, hard surface cleaners, and all the machines from the company are made from high-quality components and are easy to use.

For those in the carpet cleaning business, using a truck-mount machine is the best method for thoroughly maintaining carpets and reduces the time spent on any particular job. Truck mount carpet shampoo machines offer immense labor saving benefits with their exceptional cleaning power. The XTreme Power® XPH TM 15230 hot water extractor from Daimer® offers pressure levels of 1500 psi and flow rates of 4.8 gpm for effective elimination of various types of buildup from carpets. These carpet cleaning machines enable operators to clean several hundred feet from their vehicle with minimum loss of pressure. 300' vacuum and solution hoses are included with the XPH TM 15230 to help maintain large carpeted surfaces.

Powerful extraction is another important feature of the XTreme Power® XPH TM 15230. The productivity-enhancing carpet cleaning machines feature Daimer®'s patented XTreme-XTraction® wand which is included with special temperature and pressure controls. The pressure safety valves ensure that high pressure is maintained throughout the application. The high performance machine also features four vacuum filters in sequence, and offers an airflow of 410 CFM and water lift of 16' Hg.

The cleaning power of the model can be enhanced further with the addition of cleaning chemicals through its adjustable chemical feed feature. Daimer®'s Eco-Green® chemicals, which are not required for use with the equipment, offer safe and top-class cleaning when pre-sprayed on the carpets. The portable hot water extractor, weighing 550 lbs, can also be purchased with an optional vacuum hose reel, solution hose reel, standard solution hose reel, inline auto dump system, stair wand, upholstery wand, and crevice tool for user convenience. Additionally, the optional 12', 4 jet squeegee wand, 18', 4 jet squeegee wand, 9' patented motorized spinner, 19' patented motorized spinner, and 12', 4 jet wall wand help operators clean hard surfaces efficiently.

For Additional Information:
Visit Daimer®'s website or call Matthew Baratta directly at (888) 507-2220 to gain more knowledge about the XTreme Power® XPH TM 15230. The machine is exported to most countries globally.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:
Daimer Industries, Inc.® is the leading supplier of advanced cleaning machines , including vapor steam wash systems, hard surface cleaners, car carpet shampooer systems, and more. Metal degreasing, foodservice kitchens cleaning, gum removal, hospital infection control, rust removal, heavy equipment cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning in hotels, pest control in food service kitchens, brick cleaning, glass cleaning, concrete cleaning, parking lot cleaning, parts washing, maintaining commercial restrooms, and drum cleaning are some of the applications that can be handled by Daimer® products.

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