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Dairy Plant Treats Wastewater with ASO Bio-Carrier MBBR by PEWE

BOD reduction of wastewater discharge

Vancouver, WA USA (PEWE) June 29, 2015 - Process Engineered Water Equipment LLC (PEWE) - Growth Spurs Dairy Plant Wastewater:
The new lactose crystallization facility at Rumiano Cheese, Crescent City CA necessitated both more area to put it and an improved wastewater treatment system to handle the resulting increased discharge flow.  Space was very tight on the one city block the plant occupies.  First Rumiano purchased the last remaining non-company owned lot, cleared the existing apartment building and then started fresh.  
The wastewater treatment system improvement goal was to simply add new equalization (EQ) and moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) capacity.  The trick was converting an  under performing tank into an MBBR.  Note the tank itself was not designed for that type of application.   A simple task it was not.  Others said it was not even possible and turned down the project.

PEWE used innovative engineering and its’ state of the art ASO Bio-Carrier MBBR media equipment to overcome the treatment challenge.  PEWE custom manufactured the internal piping, sieves and aeration grid which were the heart of the system. 

MBBR System:
PEWE patent-pending ASO Bio-Carrier media provide 626m2/m3 of surface area for robust and effective biological growth.  The resulting aerobic biology would prove to reduce the BOD well below the permit limit.  The design was for dual equalization tanks to balance the widely varying discharge flows from the existing cheese production facility and the new lactose plant.  This smoothes the flow to the downstream MBBR units on a daily basis and provide a food reservoir during extended down-time.  After the EQ tanks is a serial setup of three MBBRs that go to work on the BOD.   The aerobic bacteria are secure and can efficiently do their work while anchored to the ASO Bio-Carrier media.  The sequential MBBR tanks regularly reduce the BOD to less than 20ppm. 

Final Results:
At start-up the system seamlessly transferred the water through the various process stages.  The  sump lift station,  EQ tanks and MBBR system worked with quiet efficiency.  Mr. Gary Smits Production Manager for Rumiano is very happy the ASO Bio-Carrier MBBR is up and running well.  Plant personnel easily manage the new system.  The dual EQ tank arrangement allows the pH to naturally correct as well as achieve the desired flow balancing.  And after battling their flow balances for years Rumiano now has a fully functional wastewater plant designed for expected production growth.  At the end of the day Rumiano Cheese is pleased with the new smooth running ASO Bio-Carrier MBBR system.   Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC is equally pleased to have been part of their solution.

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