DelAgua health to use carbon financing to bring clean water and efficient energy to Rwanda


Source: DelAgua Group

750,000 Families to Receive Water Filters & High Efficiency Cook stoves

Reducing Need for Wood Fuel

Embedded Monitoring Devices Measure Effectiveness

750,000 rural households in Rwanda’s Western province will receive water filters and high efficiency cook stoves for home use. The project is being run by DelAgua Health in partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and the Rwandan Environmental Management Authority. DelAgua Health is being assisted by Manna Energy Limited, the social enterprise that pioneered carbon financed water treatment.

The campaign will begin with pilot projects in May 2012 culminating in a full roll-out over 6 weeks in 2013. This is a $70m, twenty year project. Both the stoves and filters will be distributed free of charge by DelAgua Health. The devices will be maintained as necessary from a local facility, which will ultimately manufacture stoves, for use in Rwanda and for export. Every three years, the filters will be replaced. Every five years, the stoves will be replaced. Health education and technical support will be provided for the duration of the project.

The deployment in Rwanda’s Western Province will benefit 2.2 million people and includes a household scale water treatment system that addresses microbiological contamination, and a high efficiency cook stove that will reduce indoor air pollution and fuel use. Neither system requires electricity.

Investing in Public Health

This project is an investment in the public health and future of Rwanda, and will directly employ several thousand Rwandans during deployment, and several hundred during annual monitoring, education and maintenance activities.

Monitoring and Accountability

DelAgua Health will work with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of Colorado at Boulder and Portland State University to conduct controlled research studies on the project. These are independent studies, which are designed to examine the technology adoption, behavior change, and public health impacts.

About DelAgua Health

DelAgua Health was founded to combine international carbon finance with public health technology deployments in developing countries, enabling sustained engagement with partner communities.
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About Manna Energy Limited

Manna Energy Limited, an international leader in combining carbon finance markets with developing communities, registered the world’s first United Nations Clean Development Mechanism carbon program for water treatment. Manna also successfully developed and registered the first Gold Standard carbon credit water treatment program. For more information, please visit

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