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Dennis Calvert, CEO of BioLargo Inc. Joins the Stock Day Podcast to Discuss New Contracts and Federal Grants


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Phoenix, Arizona -- The Stock Day Podcast welcomed BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) ('the Company'), an innovative technology developer and environmental engineering company driven by a mission to 'make life better' by delivering robust, sustainable solutions for a broad range of industries and applications, with a focus on clean water, clean air, and advanced wound care. BioLargo President and CEO Dennis P. Calvert joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly for an audio interview.

You can listen to the full interview at BioLargo's blog HERE.

Jolly started by inquiring about BioLargo Engineering's recently announced subcontracts with the US Air Force, which the Company secured as part of a 'teaming agreement' with Bhate Environmental Associates (disclosed in a press release here). Calvert explained that the government looks for qualified environmental engineering teams to provide monitoring, compliance, and maintenance to military bases. Applicants must meet strict qualifications in terms of finances, talent, and capability. Upon meeting these standards, the Company was chosen as a subcontractor to provide air quality services to several USAF locations. 'It's a great development,' stated Calvert.

Jolly then asked about the Company's AOS platform. Calvert explained that BioLargo offers a full-service solution by combining the engineering, infrastructure, installation, and service components of the water treatment process. 'We have a special piece of technology in the AOS that allows us to take soluble organic contaminants and remove them from the water stream in a way that's never been done before,' explained Calvert. He further explained that the Company just received a grant from the federal government of Canada to deploy the AOS in a demonstration pilot in Southern California to treat captured storm water.

To close the interview, Calvert shared that BioLargo's technologies would not have been possible without the patience and support of its investors. Calvert noted that the future of BioLargo will revolve around scalability and execution surrounding its technologies. 'The future to us is really unlimited,' he stated. 'It's all about getting the right people, making sure the capital is in place, and then seeing these solutions go out to make the world a better place,' he closed.

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