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Devaney/Hughes oil is now using the Oil Solutions


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Massachuesetts areas Devaney/Hughes oil is now using the Oil Solutions to clean diesel fuel. Heating oil. Hydraulic oil and other minor oils.  These oils are very common in the home heating industry.  The OS products work on any fuel oil that comes out of a vehicle or machine.   Devaney being a high end large home heating oil distributor, while always being as safe as anyone can be, sometimes mishaps happen, that being small to medium oil releases. These spills are rare but they do happen,  The most common in the home oil industry is a small oil release in a basement landing on cement or soil/sand.  In the past these spills were handled using clean up products called “oil dri” “oil pads” and the worst offender cherry odor powder.  This is a product that hides the oil odor with a very heavy cherry smell that engulfs the home with a cherry like perfume,  This just further hurts the situation and prevents a true complete clean up.  The second worst thing to do is have an environmental company come in and powerwash with fragrance soaps and degreasers.  This just make the problem worse.  Once home heating companies like Slomins, Petro, Griffith and many others see the power, speed and ease of the Oil Solutions, they are quick to get on board and start using the Oil Solutions spill kits on all there trucks and having a larger back up OS spill kit back at there shop.  Having the Oil Solutions on hand ready to go makes an oil spill a thing of the past,  The OS spill kit system quickly cleans the oil completely, never having to go back over and over again the way companies do using the old archaic methods.  Oil Solutions is American made. Works better than any other oil clean up product, Oil Solutions is the only product in the world that eliminates oil odor and oil stain.

Devaney/Hughes oil is now using the Oil Solutions

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