DEVISE ENGINEERING: Treatment of Hospital Wastewater with Packaged Plants


DEVISE ENGINEERING is an experienced Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturer providing effective solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

DEVISE proudly announces that it has recently been awarded a new Contract in the demanding sector of decentralized HOSPITAL Wastewater Treatment.

The project concerns the Design, Construction & Supply of Two (2) Package and Modular Wastewater Treatment Plants for Hospital effluent in Iraq (rebuilding areas). The design capacity of each treatment plant is 150 m3/d, uses MBR technology and UV disinfection, and includes also a Containerized Sludge Dewatering Plant.

DEVISE has already supplied another WWTP in Iraq to Morgan Hospital in Babylon area in Iraq. The scope of the works of DEVISE included the Design, Construction & Supply of a Package and Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant of a total capacity of 300 m3/d using Physical-Chemical separation and MBR technology. In this case, DEVISE ULTRA-CLEARTM Bio-Plant was offered including a Containerized Sludge Dewatering Plant CSDP.

DEVISE was selected among several international manufacturers for its unique advantages in providing effective and high-tech solutions in a very compact and prefabricated way.

DEVISE’s extensive technical know-how combined with the significant experience and expertise in the manufacture of specialized process units has provided the contractor & end-user with a complete tailor-made Smart Wastewater Solution.

The effluent wastewater quality from hospitals can vary depending on its size and its specialization e.g. pediatric, orthopedic, mental health, general hospital, etc. The challenge of treating the variety of these contaminants is very high and the Techniques and Solutions used for the Treatment of Hospital Wastewater are different and more specialized, thus making DEVISE the ideal partner for such applications.

DEVISE has a complete proposition for the solution to the problem of Pollution from Hospital effluent, which is classified into categories based on the type & specific quantity of pollutants per project.

The main advantages and characteristics of DEVISE technological solution are:

  • Flexible, effective & proven technologies
  • Exceptionally small foot-print (compact) plants
  • Pre-engineered & prefabricated units
  • Ready to ‘plug & play’  units
  • Modular designs & systems – easy to upgrade
  • Smart solutions to suit all cases
  • High quality European equipment & workmanship (Q.A. ISO 9001)
  • Low energy consumption & limited use of chemicals
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Integrated tele-monitoring  & control from ‘Centre of Operations’ to reduce running costs

DEVISE ENGINEERING can provide its clients with the most suitable solution at a competitive price and guaranteed performance with the highest European Quality.