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DEVISE ENGINEERING is an experienced Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturer providing effective solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

DEVISE proudly announces that it has successfully completed, in cooperation with Thalis ES, as main contractor, the construction of a Leachate Treatment Plant originating from an MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) facility in the Prefecture of Epeiros, Greece, which was built by the contracting company TERNA ENERGY.

DEVISE was selected among several international manufacturers for its unique advantages in providing effective and high-tech solutions in a very compact and modular way.

DEVISE’s extensive technical know-how combined with the significant experience and expertise in the manufacture of specialized process units has provided the contractor & end-user with a complete tailor-made Smart Wastewater Solution.

The scope of the works of DEVISE included the Design & Engineering of the whole Treatment Plant and the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a prefabricated package (Containerized Cross-Flow UF system) for the Leachate Treatment Plant coming from the MBT Solid Waste Treatment Facility.

The design capacity of the Treatment Plant is 55 m3/d and requires to treat up to 504 Kg COD/day and 62,5 Kg NH4-N/day.

In order to deal with this heavy polluted wastewater arising from such Municipal Solid-Waste Management Facility DEVISE has incorporated an extensive two-stage biological process, using MBR philosophy where the separation of the ‘bio-solids’ was achieved using DEVISE’s advanced cross-flow tubular UF membranes (exMBR).  The UF membrane modules complete with feed and recycling pumps, auto-mechanical pre-filter, CIP system, automation, instrumentation and LMCC were installed in a specially modified 40’ ISO container. The plant designed by DEVISE with the Containerized exMBR Unit constructed and supplied by DEVISE achieve the effluent quality required by the client (COD < 1300 mg/l – BOD < 25 mg/l – TN = 45 mg/l , TSS < 5 mg/l).

The facility is currently under its full development and the Leachate Treatment Plant (LTP) is fully monitored and controlled through an advanced PLC & SCADA system to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

The below illustrated photographs were taken during the construction period in year 2018.  The L.T.P. was commissioned in March 2019.

DEVISE ENGINEERING can provide its clients the most suitable solution at a competitive price and guaranteed performance with the highest European Quality.

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