Diesel Exhaust, Particulate Matter and Indoor Air Quality Concerns in Puerto Rico


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Zimmetry Environmental provides air testing and monitoring services across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to identify potential hazards.

Bayamon, Puerto Rico, January 26th, 2015 -- Diesel engines provide power for a wide variety of vehicles, heavy equipment and other machinery used in many industries across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The exhaust from these diesel engines contains a mixture of gases and very small particles that can create a health hazard if not properly controlled for not only workers using the equipment, but also for people in nearby homes and businesses.


According to an OSHA & MSHA Hazard Alert, diesel particulate matter (DPM) is a component of diesel exhaust (DE) that includes soot particles made up primarily of carbon, ash, metallic abrasion particles, sulfates and silicates. Diesel soot particles have a solid core consisting of elemental carbon, with other substances attached to the surface, including organic carbon compounds known as aromatic hydrocarbons.


Occupations with potential exposure to diesel particulate matter and diesel exhaust include miners, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, material handling operators, bridge and tunnel workers, railroad workers, oil and gas workers, loading dock workers, construction workers, farm workers, long-shoring workers and vehicle maintenance garage workers.  Any people in the vicinity of diesel powered equipment may be exposed to diesel particulate matter and diesel exhaust.


Short term exposure to high concentrations of diesel particulate matter and diesel exhaust can cause headaches, dizziness and irritation of the eye, nose and throat severe enough to distract or disable workers. Prolonged exposure can increase the risk of cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and respiratory diseases, as well as lung cancer.


“People who have homes or go to work or school in areas with elevated levels of diesel particulate matter and diesel exhaust can be at risk,” said Harry Pena, President of Zimmetry Environmental. “At Zimmetry, our air quality experts can identify diesel exhaust and particulate matter to help monitor for its presence and to ensure that it is not infiltrating homes and buildings creating exposure risks and health concerns for building occupants.”


Zimmetry has sponsored an educational video about diesel exhaust, particulate matter and air quality issues that can be seen at: http://youtu.be/mAjDvBwKFWE


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