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DiF-JET gas infusion systems (patent pending) broad spectrum device


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Fortrans Inc. announces new patent pending technology to mix gases into water and other media. The Dif-JET System is non-fouling and does not depend on bubble technology to mix gases into water.

DiF-JET single and combination Gas Infusion Systems are highly efficient at mixing beneficial gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and air into water or other media. DiF-JET inline non-fouling modules are very useful in raising oxygen levels in water for processes that require higher oxygen content.The devices may also be used to infuse nitrogen to enhance agricultural nutrition and reduce run off of nutrients.

DiF-JET Stainless Steel Systems are used for infusing ozone in odor elimination processes or sanitizing water.The system is useful for aeration in gold mining waste treatment operations.

DiF-JET Gas Infusion Systems equipped with floatation for aquaculture applications are also available.

The systems are non fouling and more efficient than conventional diffusion and or aeration processes and typically lower requirements for energy and equipment.

DiF-Jet Gas Infusion systems are very useful in replacing mechanical motor driven aeration systems.

The DiF-JET Gas Infusion Systems units will enhance production efficiencies in biological manufacturing processes by adding air or oxygen to speed up such processes. Reduction of Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand in wastewater treatment or remediation of contaminated groundwater is another application.

The Dif-Jet combination oxygen and carbon dioxide systems are useful for pH reduction. The systems feature extremely high efficiency in producing large volumes of H2C03 (carbonic acid) from C02 gas and oxygen fed at low pressures and low or high volume flow rates. The patent pending dual C02 and oxygen Dif-Jet System provides the ability to convert C02 into H2C03 in without increasing the Chemical Oxygen Demand of the water being treated and may be operated for aeration purposes after optimum pH level has been reached.

The DiF-JET Gas Infusion Systems are available with variable flow rates and capacities for infusing oxygen, carbon dioxide, air or mixtures of gases. These features allow custom flow rates to suit the process. The modules can be designed to infuse mixtures of air, oxygen, nitrogen gas in specific ratios into specialized processes for aeration or production efficiencies.

DiF-JET Systems technology is exceptionally efficient compared to sparger technologies or mixtures of sparger stones, sparger lines, diffusers and mixers. Other benefits include non-fouling design and the fact that the gas infusion modules do not inhibit the flow of water such as is found with mechanical in-pipe diffusers or inline injector devices.

Fortrans’ various patent-pending gas infusion modules can be incorporated into inexpensive self contained systems for “bolt-on” applications where increased aeration levels are desirable. The individual modules may be incorporated into existing processes or for OEM equipment for water treatment. (Under License Only)

All DiF-JET Gas Infusion systems can be equipped with controls to monitor the process and control the duration of the feed or control by level of beneficial gases added to the process.


  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Cement and concrete manufacturing
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Food processing
  • Livestock holding areas
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Oil field operations

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