DirectSense® ultra-m environmental monitors


Source: GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions of Trumbull, Connecticut introduces a new range of DirectSense Ultra-Mini PC based advanced environmental monitors. These measurement kits include USB enabled multi-sensor probes and a new Mobile PC platform.

The new Fujitsu Ultra-Mini Vista OS mobile PC sports a swiveling, touch screen and easy-to-use keyboard. A built-in camera is great for photographs (or even panoramic videos) that attach to data files on-site; enhancing documentation of walk-thru surveys. At 6.75” x 6” x 1.25” (17 cm x 15.3cm x 3.2 cm) this tiny 1.56 lb (0.71 kg) PC with a 40 GB hard drive is easy to carry (in-hand or in shoulder pouch) for spot-checking and spot-logging, yet it fits easily into GrayWolf’s hard-shell security case for unattended, trend logging.

Plug in any of GrayWolf’s USB enabled DirectSense® probes, and you have a very powerful monitor, with features not available from any other instrument:
- On-board video help
- On-board sensor info (basic sensor care, cross-interferences, specifications, etc)
- On-board parameter details (typical sources, typical background levels, government guidelines, etc)
- On-board application related documents
- In-situ text notation
- In-situ audio notation
- In-situ photo notation
- In-situ video notation… and much more.

Measure ppb range volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, °C/°F, %RH and an additional specific gas for IAQ applications with the IQ-610 probe (pictured). Alternative probes allow you to simultaneously measure up to 5 specific toxic gases (such as H2S, O3, NH3, SO2, NO2; choose from 21 specific gas sensors) and/or ppm range VOCs, air velocity, differential pressure, particle concentration and other parameters.

Once measurements have been collected in the field, as snap-shot logs during a walk-thru survey, or as a trend log over time; review, analyze and report on the data and field collected notes with the included WolfSense® PC software. Create tables and histograms comparing measurements from various locations in seconds. Display trend graphs, and overlap them to compare measured parameters in the same room on different days, or compare the trend graphs from various rooms. Build reports by pasting into a Word document, or automate the entire reporting process with GrayWolf’s optional Advanced Report Generator software.

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