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Digital gauges are increasingly being used in testing, monitoring and calibration applications, and in quality processes. Thanks to the very latest technology and increasing functionalities, more and more fields of application for the use of precision digital pressure gauges are opening up for users.

With the new, energy-independent digital gauge DM 01, BD SENSORS sets the benchmark here when it comes to:
  • flexibility
  • precision
  • functionality
  • quality and documentation

Undoubtedly the most striking feature is the 'Easy-Connect System', which ensures that pressure transducers with different measurement ranges (0.1...400 bar) can be exchanged without the use of any tools by 'plug 'n play' and that the display is automatically parameterised.The accuracy of the DM 01 is < 0.05 % FSO BFSL and this includes the linearity, hysteresis, reproducibility and the temperature error. This gives the user absolute certainty and reliability with the pending measurement tasks.

In terms of user-friendliness, the DM01 from BD|SENSORS also offers something exceptional:

In conjunction with the graphics and backlit LC display, the digital pressure gauge can be read at any time of the day, even in poor light, quickly and precisely. Various frequently required functions (e.g. min/max memory) can be quickly called up via two freely assignable keys.

The integrated data logger which comes as standard records times, pressure data and temperature data which can be read with the BD|LOG software and processed further with standard commercial office software. If the customer also wants more options for graphic display (table, history, …), archiving or evaluation of the recorded data, the BD|DAQ software can do this.

Numerous options and accessories, e.g. an intrinsically safe version, various calibration and test certificates, as well as a storage and transport case add the finishing touch to the product.


The digital gauge DM01 is synonymous with supreme precision and flexibility in the successful implementation of a wide range of different mea-surement tasks and offers a persuasive choice thanks to its adaptability to suit all sorts of different customer requirements.

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