DoD awards remediation grant to Regenesis, URS and Berkeley Labs


Source: Regenesis

An $869,000 grant from the US Defense Department’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) was awarded to Regenesis, URS Corporation, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to evaluate the utility of geophysical imaging tools for investigating the performance of bioremedial soil amendments. Regenesis will administer the grant and will manage transfer of the technology, if successful.

The study will be conducted at F.E. Warren Air Force Base (FEW), Cheyenne, Wyoming, the oldest continuously active USAF military installation, home to the 90th Space Wing and Headquarters, 20th Air Force, of Air Force Space Command. URS Corporation is currently completing a groundwater cleanup on the base using Regenesis’ patented and widely used Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®), an enhanced bioremediation technology that accelerates the natural breakdown of a range of chlorinated contaminants, including perchlorate and nitroaromatic explosives, into harmless byproducts such as ethene and ethane.

“URS’s cleanup at FEW is one of the largest applications of HRC since the technology was introduced in 1999,” explained Dr. Robert Kelley, Vice President of technology Development at Regenesis and principal investigator on the ESTCP grant. “The site is a challenging one, with a heterogeneous subsurface geology that includes extensive fine-grained, low-permeability materials. The study will evaluate how multiple geophysical imaging methods—seismic, radar, and electrical---can be used to verify the placement and subsurface distribution of soil amendments. If successful, the study will help develop a potentially useful, non-invasive tool to monitor the subsurface transport of HRC-type amendments as well as provide further understanding of groundwater remediation at this site.”

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