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Dosing Polymer with Peristaltic Pumps


At a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Dekalb County, Georgia, progressing cavity pumps gave dry running problems and consequential high maintance costs when dosing flocculent. The Polymer medium was described as a “High Charge Cationic Emulsion (trade name of Clarifloc SE1080)”. Verder Inc advised Verderflex Dura Peristaltic hose pumps.

Initially the Dura pumps had problems with a short hose life (3 weeks) when running on EPDM hoses.

Investigations showed that the problems were due to chemical attack as the hoses softening and swelling.

After checks with the chemical supplier, the hose material was changed to NBR.

The Verderflex Dura pumps run well now having a hose life of approximately 6 months.

The pumps have pp flanges, are running intermittently at 20 rpm indoors, using 1/2 Hp 90V dc motors to allow extended frequency turndown.

The customer was delighted with the Verderflex Dura pumps since:

  • Run-Dry conditions are inherent at times in this polymer feed system; the progressing cavity pumps were not reliable.
  • Other brands rollers would not maintain consistent lubricity and kept tearing up the hose: even after the rep upgraded hose material.
  • The simplicity of Verder’s hose replacement where the previously installed progressing cavity pumps required 2 days for removal, repair, and installation.
  • Replacement parts cost a small fraction of what the progressing cavity pump took; also the parts are much lower.
  • Verderflex pumps are engineered to solve your difficult pumping problems including ease of maintenance, dry running, or accurate dosing.
  • Ease of mounting the Dura pump footprint onto the existing pump skid and also the flanged connections.

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