DOW Helps Solve Difficult Water Challenges in Europe: TEQUATIC PLUS Fine Particle Filter


Source: Dow Water & Process Solutions

A lower cost solution for treating difficult water now available for the European Market
  • Expansion into European market announced at Dow’s 2013 Solutions Dinner in Amsterdam
  • TEQUATIC PLUS fine particle filter is engineered to lower the total cost of ownership in extreme and variable high solids environments.
  • Facilitates more than 99% uptime with continuously cleaning, cross-flow filtration and centrifugal separation.
  • Helps enhance safety and sustainability by reducing handling and waste.

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW), introduced the TEQUATIC PLUS fine particle filter to the European market at Dow’s 2013 Solutions Dinner in Amsterdam today. With its patented and award-winning design, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter combines the power of continuous cleaning, cross-flow filtration with centrifugal separation and solids collection into one device, already proving its value across applications to meet the demands of difficult environments, including industrial water.

Technology To Treat Tough Water

The TEQUATIC PLUS fine particle filter is produced by Clean Filtration Technologies LLC (“CFT”), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company operated by DW&PS. According to Cedella Beazley, general manager for CFT, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter is a breakthrough in the tough water space, reliably and cost-effectively handling very high and highly variable total suspended solids (TSS), and overcoming the shortcomings of conventional technologies. The TEQUATIC PLUS filter is adept at handling solids from 1 to 10,000 mg/L without frequent filter changes – even in the presence of oil.

“The TEQUATIC PLUS filter is an excellent choice for the European market which seeks to protect its water resources with sustainable technologies that help conserve and repurpose water,” Beazley said. “It not only brings a new range of possibilities to the wastewater treatment arena, but also allows customers to select from an even broader portfolio of water purification and separation solutions offered by Dow Water & Process Solutions.”

Performance Attributes

According to John Patrin, global marketing manager for CFT and Ultrafiltration, customers will discover a unique set of benefits with the TEQUATIC PLUS filter, all centered on the dual objectives of high performance and lower total cost of ownership. “Unlike other technologies, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter allows customers to consistently filter high and variable solids, while achieving a water recovery that is typically 99 percent or more,” he said. “Maintenance, fouling and backwash cycles are drastically reduced, and there are no cartridge or bag filters to replace. This adds up to very high uptimes and lower labor and consumables costs, all of which contribute to lower operational expenses.”

The product also offers environmental and safety advantages to customers looking to enhance the sustainability of their operations. “Because it requires minimal filter changes and chemicals, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter can help customers reduce the footprint of their operations through, for example, less disposal, minimal handling and less space along with potential energy efficiencies,” he said.

Application Versatility

The TEQUATIC PLUS filter is specifically targeted toward non-potable water applications. It has the flexibility to function as a primary filter, a pre-filter for ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO), and as a post filter following water reuse technologies, such as moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) and dissolved air flotation (DAF).

Applications range from industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, to produced water for oil and gas, to desalination and power generation. Vertical markets range from food and beverage and pulp and paper to textile and laundry.

According to Beazley, “To keep up with changing demands, our product development strategy is focused on enhancing the capabilities of the TEQUATIC PLUS filter by increasing flow rates, expanding the range of the filter cut-offs, and growing our applications. We are excited to bring this technology to Europe and to collaborate closely with customers to satisfy their needs.”

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