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Drinking Water Week 2017: Get Kids Excited!


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In continuing our celebration of Drinking Water Week, we have uncovered some more great resources to get children excited about the science and value of our planet’s water supply.

First, an interactive website designed for children and teens yet interesting enough to be engaging for adults! DiscoverWater.org covers topics such as “Healthy Water, Healthy People”, “Use Water Wisely”, “Explore Watersheds”, and “Investigate Fresh Water”. Visitors to their site will experience interactive graphics, learn various facts, test their knowledge, and so much more. While we are in no way affiliated with this site or its creators/sponsors, it’s definitely one that we find can help get kids excited about this important subject!

The website also offers handy tips for parents and teaching professionals on how to best use their content.

Second, we found a few downloadable activity sheets to keep kids entertained and learning! To download them, click their titles below.

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