Dual Phase Environmental Remediation


Source: ESD Waste2Water, Inc.

ESD Waste2Water prepares to ship another fully integrated, environmental remediation system inside a 30’ Cargo Container to a major oil company’s site in Mexico.  This Dual Phase Product Recovery System is equipped with: Air Supply Compressor; (8) Point Air Supply Manifold; (8) Dual Phase Recovery Manifold; Recovery Pumps; Oil Water Separator, Transfer Tanks, 3 Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment Vessels.

ESD Waste2Water is a Worldwide Leader in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing sustainable Wash-Water Treatment/Recycle Systems and Environmental Remediation Systems.  ESD offers a full line of skid, trailer and container mounted remediation systems for product recovery and treating soils, sediments, groundwater and surface water.  ESD’s innovative wash-water treatment, recycling, and re-use systems (0 point discharge), offer a variety of options and system designs for light, medium and heavy duty wash water and industrial process water treatment applications (Golf Courses, Marinas, Equipment Rental, Industrial/Manufacturing Plants, Fleet Management, Transportation, Parts Washing, etc.).  ESD can design a portable Above Ground Wash Pad or Permanent Concrete Slab to process heavy solid applications to recycle the wash water back to either a pressure washer and/or high volume pump system.  ESD is committed to fostering a Partnership for a Cleaner tomorrow through Water Conservation and Waste Minimization.

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