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Ductile iron covers in use how to prevent the occurrence of failure


Nodular cast iron covers often appear in our field of vision, many places in life can see its shadow, such as: cell, airport, road, the road is more common. However, manhole covers will also appear in the use of certain failure, then ductile iron covers how to prevent failure in use? We take a look at it below.

  1. due to the relatively harsh manhole covers use of the environment, in order to avoid rust covers the case, manufacturers in the production or pre-production production process sometimes see rust on stainless steel products or equipment, indicating that serious contamination of surface . The equipment must be cleared of rust before it is put into service. The thoroughly cleaned surfaces shall be inspected for iron and / or water tests.
  2. we also need to regularly clean up the surface of the ductile iron cover dust. Steel castings are often made on dusty grounds, often with a lot of dust in the air, which constantly falls on the surface of the equipment. They can be removed with water or alkaline solution. However, grime with adhesion needs high-pressure water or steam for cleaning.
  3. in order to prevent the process of lubricant or build-up or dirt retention, we have to maintain the covers on the scratch when scratches and other rough surface mechanical cleaning.

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