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Dynamic Air Cleaners Provide Data Centers With Optimal Indoor Air


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Industry Expected to See Significant Increases in Green Tech to Save Money, According to a Recent Pike Research Report

PRINCETON, NJ -- (Marketwire) -- 12/06/11 -- For an industry that often requires millions of dollars to maintain supercomputers utilizing only the most cutting-edge technology, it takes surprisingly little to destroy a data center facility: Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is at the top of the list. Poor IAQ systems can also be the largest detriment to operational expenses. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions V8 Air Cleaning Systems are an ideal solution for data centers, ensuring they no longer need to choose between air quality and efficiency.

According to a new report from Pike Research, the decision to lower costs by improving efficiency is a popular one for data centers, especially as energy prices continue to rise. The report indicates that the investment in greener data centers will experience rapid growth over the next five years, increasing from $7.5 billion in global revenue to $41.4 billion by 2015, or about 28 percent of the total data center market.

Data center managers looking to grow and move with the trending market can do so comfortably with Dynamic Air Cleaners. By effectively lowering static pressure and the brake horsepower that drives component fans, centers run more efficiently than with traditional HVAC systems. Additionally, Dynamic systems can integrate with newer data center technologies, resulting in fan energy savings of 50 percent or more.

'The tradeoff has always been between better air quality and more energy use,' said Duke Wiser, president of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. 'We design our Dynamic Air Cleaners so a choice no longer has to be made. Our air cleaners use two-thirds less energy, require less maintenance and provide the highest level of indoor air quality available to protect data center assets and components, keeping them running efficiently.'

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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions manufactures and distributes high-performance indoor air quality products including polarized media air cleaners, UV-C germicidal systems, and condensate pan treatments for residential and commercial applications. The company's products are used in applications that range from hospitals and schools to restaurants and casinos.

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