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Dynamis Energy Launches Revolutionary Mobile Waste-to-Energy Line


Source: Dynamis Energy, LLC.

EAGLE, Idaho, Nov. 1, 2011 /PR Newswire/ --

Dynamis Energy today launched its revolutionary mobile waste-to-energy line of equipment.  The WasteStation™, the first in a complete line of technologically advanced units, is a waste destruction unit based on the patent pending Dynamis Energy 3.0 Technology.  These units are designed to be mobile and apply to any application for waste destruction or waste destruction with energy.

Dynamis has developed a complete line for military applications and is marketed under the name AMWAPS, which is an abbreviation for Advanced Mobile Waste and Power Stations.  Included in the military line are the:


(Waste destruction)



(Waste destruction and hot water generation)



(Power production unit)  


All AMWAPS modules are designed to US military specifications including military fuel use.

C. Lloyd Mahaffey, Chairman and CEO of Dynamis Energy said, 'The Dynamis mobile waste and power systems will provide government and commercial customers with waste management and energy solutions that are environmentally beneficial and economically attractive, eliminating most waste hauling and tip fees while creating clean energy.'

Dynamis Energy's 3.0 Waste-to-Energy Technology is a state of the art, patent pending technology with the ability to process a wide spectrum of waste streams, is very fuel efficient, and processes waste in a very efficient manner, while maintaining very low emissions. Units can be remotely monitored.

The Dynamis Energy line of mobile units feature: large load capacities; quick deployment capabilities; simple, automated operations; and are manufactured from sturdy, rugged construction materials.  These units have wide reaching applications for use in small municipalities, the hospitality industry, healthcare, textiles and other industry, as well as many overseas and domestic military applications.  

'Our customers are under tremendous operational pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Because waste management and energy costs makeup a large portion of our customers budgets, this is the perfect solution to address these needs,' Mahaffey added.

About Dynamis Energy, LLC

Dynamis Energy is a leading provider of Advanced Thermal 3.0 Technology used to recycle municipal and other solid wastes to provide sustainable economic and environmental benefits.  Dynamis Energy; based in Eagle, Idaho and designs, builds, owns and operates fixed and mobile Waste-to-Energy plants.  Dynamis Energy currently has projects underway in North America, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.


SOURCE Dynamis Energy, LLC

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  1. By Srinivasa Setty on

    Hai would this machine be used even for asian waste particularly india as the waste is not segerrated. Can you provide more details such as how many tonnes ir can convert and also type of waste it could be used for.