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E Instruments: Learn How to Utilize Our Newest E Instruments Analyzer App On Your iPhone/iPad


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If you’re a fan of our line of dependable combustion analyzers, and an Apple owner, we have a reason for you to celebrate. As of July 2017, our highly rated E Instruments Analyzer App can be downloaded from the App Store and installed on all iPhones and iPads. Owners of our 4500 and 1500 analyzers (with firmware 1.8) may sync their Apple and E instruments devices together via a Bluetooth connection.

Once you’ve paired your phone or tablet with one of our analyzers, you’re ready for all the fun of compatible technologies. A mere swipe away from your emails and mobile Safari, you’ll be able to:

  1. View combustion data, like temperature, pressure, and gas measurements, in real-time.
  2. Quickly save and retrieve previously saved data reports on combustion and emissions.
  3. With the same speed, export your data in CSV/Excel, simple text, and PDF formats.

As you explore all the possibilities of our Analyzer App, you’ll learn how your two devices can communicate through QC codes as well. By design, our combustion analyzers generate QC codes simply by pressing “Print” + “OK” on the keypad of their displays. With our App installed and active, you can then scan the generated QC code and transmit all data available on said screens.

Our 4500 and BTU 1500 were always designed to allow for portable emissions monitoring. By connecting to the ultimate portable device—the modern tablet or smartphone—your E Instruments analyzer is perfected. All your data on O2, CO, CO2, NOx, NO2, and SO2 emissions is easily emailed the moment it’s captured.

Because of the feedback of our customers, our Custom Support teams, and product developers, we’ve been able to continue perfecting and modernizing our product lines. We strive to provide versatile emissions analyzers and air-quality monitors of the highest caliber and calibration. Be it the power, process, industrial, food, or HVAC markets, we know that the safety and quality of air is of the utmost importance.

Now you can utilize all the functions of your emissions analyzer and Apple iPhone/iPad together, in a Bluetooth synchronization. If you don’t already have our E Instruments Analyzer App, head on over to the App Store now to monitor and analyze emissions in style.

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