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E Instruments Proud to Introduce the VOC Plus - the Latest Handheld VOC Emissions Analyzer


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Writing to customers from our headquarters in Langhorne, PA, we here at E Instruments—the designers and manufacturers of air quality monitors and emission analyzers—are proudly introducing our latest handheld VOC emissions analyzer, the VOC Plus. With this handheld emissions analyzer, it’s now easier than ever to rapidly, and accurately detect volatile organic compounds emissions from stationary sources.

We here at E Instruments—an American-based designer and manufacturer of high-quality automotive exhaust analyzers—are pleased to announce that our F5000 Automotive Exhaust Analyzer can now monitor for NO2.

The Specifications of the VOC Plus

The culmination of the efforts of E Instrument’s designers, the VOC Plus harnesses our PID VOC sensoring technologies, quickly, accurately, and reliably. With its long-lasting and fully rechargeable battery, By manufacturer specifications, the VOC Plus, with its PID sensors, detects a range of VOCs from 0-20 ppm or 0-200 ppm with resolutions of 0.001 ppm or 1 ppm respectively.

The VOC Plus Kit

Anyone who purchases a VOC Plus will find the following included with it:

  • VOC-measuring PID Sensor
  • An Internal Sampling Pump
  • A Moisture, Condensation, and Particulate Filter
  • A Sampling Probe—easily upgraded to a longer and higher temperature probe
  • An official E Instruments Calibration Certificate
  • Preloaded Real-Time Data Logging Software
  • A Lightweight and Protective Vinyl Carrying Case
  • A Rubber Insulated Magnetic Boot

As innovators of both indoor air monitors and gas emission analyzers—we are also announcing the upgrade of our classic E6000 gas emissions analyzer, and the release of the BTU1500. Ideal for industrial applications, gas and diesel engines, the E6000 is our answer to total NOx and SO2. With the capability of detecting up to six gases, including O2, CO, CxHy, NO, NO2, CxHy, and SO2, the E6000 measures and saves up to 2000 past tests, and may be connected to a printer. An especially valuable instrument during the heating season, our BTU1500 analyzes measures and/or calculates O2, CO, CO2, and Combustion Efficiency. Like all of our devices, the BTU1500 is calibrated by our team at our headquarters in Pennsylvania.

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