EarthSoft Announces Enterprise EnviroInsite Integration


Source: EarthSoft, Inc

August 8, 2007 – EarthSoft today announced advanced groundwater and soil data visualization available via the web
from EQuIS Enterprise’s interface to EnviroInsite from HydroAnalysis. EarthSoft and HydroAnalysis have teamed up
to provide one-click generation of complex groundwater data-visualization reports from the award winning EQuIS
Enterprise environmental database. This partnership offers EQuIS users easy access to the unique set of tools in the
EnviroInsite visualization application. Applications include the generation of routine report-quality graphics, analysis of
complex trends, and client and public communication. The integration of the two tools is a paradigm shift, enabling
rapid visualization of spatial and temporal trends in environmental data and providing instantaneous feedback on newly
collected data. This integration also provides a deeper understanding of the conceptual models encompassing multiple
contaminant sources, transport dynamics, hydrogeology, geochemistry, and environmental fate processes.

EnviroInsite enhanced the program’s automation interface for EarthSoft so that it can be called programmatically from
EQuIS, including EQuIS Enterprise. The EnviroInsite interface saves EQuIS data queries to an EnviroInsite project
database. EQuIS users can then execute programmed automation routines from within EQuIS to create 2D and 3D
maps showing groundwater monitoring wells, chemical concentration contours or plumes, soil profiles, labels, pie
charts, time-history charts, as well as tabular labels, or spider diagrams. The spider diagrams show multiple analyte
concentration values in a table next to each measurement location, where any values exceeding screening levels can be
flagged. The EnviroInsite automation interface also supports creation of page layouts and the generation of map scales,
north arrows, title blocks, and insertion of a company logo.

EnviroInsite is a sophisticated groundwater data-visualization application developed by and for practicing
hydrogeologists. Its goal is to provide a workspace for understanding of complex spatial and temporal patterns of
multiple environmental analytes. Product features include:
• Point-and-click generation of profile views
• CAD / GIS / image file input and output
• Point-and-click generation of complex data queries
• 3D Surfaces
• Radial diagrams
• Piper diagrams
• Data tables (georeferenced and full-page)
• Gradient vector plots
• 3D geologic models and fence diagrams
• Animation output
• 3D perspective view plotting
• Contouring of measured and simulated data in 2D plan, on profiles and in 3d
• Pie charts
• Stiff diagrams
• Time history graphs (georeferenced and fullpage)
• Color-coded dot-plots
• Boring logs (on profile and in 3d)
• Spider Diagrams

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard said, “The cost of advanced graphics with EQuIS just dropped substantially. At the price
point of this new product, use of graphics in the environmental industry can continue to grow. Just a few years ago, the
kind of graphics now offered for $600 would have cost much more. We already have several EQuIS users with
EnviroInsite and they have reported to us that EnviroInsite is easy to use and provides them with a new perspective on
their data.”

Bruce Jacobs, President of HydroAnalysis, commented, “A cooperative link with an established player like EarthSoft is
a huge plus for us. Database capabilities are important, so we have been looking around for a partner that can bring our
users the power of a well-established database framework. The open architecture and large installed base of EQuIS
makes our choice of data management systems easy.”

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