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EarthSoft Help Desk now operating in Europe


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EarthSoft is pleased to announce Help Desk resources in Europe. EarthSoft has hired Jannik Stephanus in Stolberg, Germany as a Help Desk Engineer, supporting the rapidly-growing EQuIS client base in Europe. Jannik will support the hosted server in Munich and other EQuIS implementations in the area.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management software in the world for subsurface and geo-environmental data management. Data management is a requirement, not an option, at most multi-national firms today. EarthSoft modules provide integrated workflow:

  • SQL Server or Oracle databases, hosted “cloud” EQuIS or licensed on your virtual servers or private network
  • EDP plus Enterprise EDP closed loop EDD checking workflows with labs and field subcontractors
  • EDGE field data collection software on Windows tablet devices
  • Sample Planning Module plus EDGE for LIMS, CoC integration  
  • ArcGIS integration for query-building, links with Surfer and other tools
  • EnviroInsite and other advanced graphics
  • Web dashboards for advanced decision support and data analysis
  • Build-Serve-Push web and email-integrated workflow for reporting and screening data from your portfolio of facilities

EarthSoft is committed to achieving significant market share in Europe and providing Training and consulting services for EQuIS implementations.
EarthSoft began operating a server in Munich, Germany in 2011. Several new hosted clients have signed to operate off of this server for EQuIS Online hosted “cloud” services. The prices for EQuIS Online are so inexpensive that projects can get initiated faster than when large initial purchases were required.

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