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EBS to participate in microbiome study


EBS to Participate in Microbiome Study Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment and Digester Study

As announced in our newsletter, EBS is now partnered with Microbe Detectives (MD) of Milwaukee, WI to apply advanced metagenomics to wastewater treatment applications. The first joint project among Microbe Detectives, EBS, and several other MD Alliance Partners is to study the microbiology of anaerobic systems with regard to comparative bacterial populations and methane production, which correlates directly to BOD conversion in anaerobic wastewater reactors. Anaerobic digesters are generally closely monitored, and the methane production is generally captured and quantified. Anaerobic lagoons and reactors in industrial wastewater applications are generally less well monitored or understood.

We believe this study offers our clients the opportunity to develop baseline profiles of their lagoons or reactors, which will aid in troubleshooting and optimization in the future. Participants in the study will submit three digester/reactor samples over a three month period and will receive results of the DNA sequencing analysis, as well as a copy of the final report of all results and the findings. EBS is participating in this study because we believe that our pulp & paper, meat & poultry processing, and grain processing clients will benefit. Participants in the study will receive the three analyses, plus the report for $1250, compared to the standard cost of $1875 for three samples. Participants will simply send the samples to EBS, who will prepare and submit the samples to Microbe Detectives for testing.

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