ECO News 08.08



ECO PHYSICS announces the next publication in the AWEInternational, titling: EcoPhysics’ NOx Detectors/ NOx in the Field of Burners and Boilers.

An outline:

    “Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are a by-product of nearly every combustion process. The term “nitrogen oxides” is usually used to describe two gases: nitric oxide (NO), a colorless as well as odorless gas, and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), a reddish-brown gas with an irritating odor. Both gaseous pollutants have diverse negative effects on the environment and human health. They react with ozone molecules in the stratosphere, accounting for the destruction of the ozone layer; they play a significant role in the formation of “unwanted ozone” (or ground level ozone) that contributes to the creation of photochemically induced smog. They are also a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and acid rain. Therefore it is of vital interest to precisely control and reduce NOx emissions (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1998).”

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