ECO PHYSICS AG acquires TGA Business from Omnisens S.A.


Source: Eco Physics Inc.

ECO PHYSICS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the OMNISENS trace gas analyzer (TGA) business. The Swiss company ECO PHYSICS has twenty years of experience in developing and manufacturing of gas analyzers, in particular for nitrogen oxides. Its knowhow is centered around the technology of chemiluminescence detection (CLD). By means of converters CLD allows to measure ammonia (NH3) in a limited range. Therefore, the acquired knowledge for measuring traces of NH3 developed by OMNISENS is a perfect fit and a natural step in its long-term strategy. Having redefined its strategy OMNISENS will focus on the fiber optic sensing business only.

A small step for mankind, but a giant step for ECO PHYSICS PAS will be the new name for the acquired product line at ECO PHYSICS – and PAS is the French word for step. In this case, PAS stands for Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy and is the newly acquired technology. It allows to measure NH3 in ppb- and even ppt-concentrations continuously and automatically. Beyond, this spectroscopic technique can measure many other gases such as HF, HCl, CH4 and other gases.

With this acquisition ECO PHYSICS takes an important step for the company’s future growth. Thus, ECO PHYSICS takes not only the lead in offering the most sensitive analyzer for nitrogen oxides, but soon for ammonia as well!
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