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Eco-solids process licensed in China


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British company, Eco-Solids International Limited (ESI) of New Milton, Hampshire have signed a licensing agreement with Shenyang Yinuo Science and Technology Company (Yinuo) of Shenyang, China. The agreement was signed on 22nd October 2009, and will result in Yinuo building, installing and commissioning the Eco-Solids Process (ESP) in China.

Eco-Solids International has the worldwide exclusive rights outside the USA for the patented sludge treatment process, which has already been established in several commercial systems in North America. Yinuo are an environmental and water equipment company.

The Eco-Solids Process is an advanced lime stabilisation technology for the treatment of sewage sludges, which meets the equivalent of European and US safe sludge standards. The process is unique in that it recycles the heat produced from the treatment process to pre-heat incoming sludge, making the process much more efficient than conventional lime treatment processes. No nuisance odours are produced due to a simple odour scrubber on the gas and vapour outlet from the process. The treated biosolids have a low water content, which allows the product to be easily handled and transported for subsequent use as an agricultural soil amendment, an inert building substrate, or as an energy source.

Clive Ridgen, Eco-Solid’s Managing Director commented: “At a time when China is looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, and improve the quality of its agricultural soils, the Eco-Solids Process brings simple and rapid benefits. We are pleased to have found a partner company in Yinuo who have similar aims and aspirations as ourselves, and we are looking forward to long and fruitful co-operation”.

The agreement is starting with the fabrication of a first ESP unit in the province of Liaoning, in the NE of China, where economic growth and wastewater infrastructure improvements are amongst the highest in the country. Distributors are already being appointed in other provinces. Through this arrangement, Eco-Solids anticipates in excess of 20 ESP units to be fabricated and operational in China over the next three years.

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