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EcoRemote® XPe is the peripheral system for the management of an air quality monitoring station which supports the complete data management process.

The main operative functions are :

  • instruments management (data acquisition, elaboration and validation)
  • calibration and diagnostics management
  • alarms and archives management
  • communications management

Hardware and software architecture is based on an embedded Personal Computer platform, external I/O modules, modem, Microsoft Windows XP operating system and application software EcoRemote® entirely developed and maintained by Project Automation.

The main characteristics of EcoRemote® XPe are :

  • expandability (up to a maximum of 128 instruments)
  • flexibility in managing different types of instruments
  • configuration of station and instruments
  • data and alarms storage
  • “special” instruments management (such as Chromatotec analysers for the measurement of BTEX, VOC, sulphur and many others)
  • export format compatible with the main software packages available in the market.

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