ECOSTAR new screening technology

The Ecostar screen belongs to the innovative category of screening machines with discs.
It is built in various versions, with different length starting from 3 m. and with differ-ent sizes of screening (from 50 to 150 mm.).
It offers its best performance in the separation of urban and industrial waste (with a production up to 70/80 ton/h), but it can be used with important results in other vari-ous sectors, like in production C.D.R., wood, compost (400 m³/h).


After years of experience and demos, in 1999 Ecostar patented an ANTI-CLOGGING SYSTEM, that permits to obtain high capacity of production of urban waste (from 30 to 80 tons/h) with very small dimensions (the length of the machine is 4 m.) and low power (7,5 kW).
We can summarize this patented system in these 2 following points:

1. CRAZY PIPE: the shafts are covered with “crazy” plastic and anti-wear tubes, that are independent from the turning of the shaft. This system doesn’t permit to the long and stringy material to clog on the shaft and the separation result very good.

2. PLATE PROFILE OF THE DISC: the profile hexagonal disc can be built with different size, that permit to the material to pass over the plane surface of the disc easier than with normal disc.

In this way, Ecostar is able to supply its customers am exclusive and inexpensive ma-chine.


All the material is loaded on the screening surface by a conveyor belt.
Then the material passes over the hexagonal discs where it receives an energetic force from below, which permits an optimal and regular separation (with urban waste of 60 – 70 mm. a separation of about 50% of the entered material is obtained).
The material with a dimension smaller than the size of screening we have chosen, passes through the discs and falls under the discscreen.
The bigger material goes on up to the end of the screen and it is ready for the next treatment of recy-cling or energy recovery.

The width of the discs determines the size of screening and the percent of the separation


• High capacity of working (70/80 t/h) and reduction of costs
• Contained dimension (3/4 m.)
• Very low maintenance thanks to patented anti clogging system
• Instalment flexibility
• Low power consumption (7,5 kW)

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