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Our Monitor Pro software tools grew up providing data management solutions for the landfill industry, where we have been the industry standard for many years. Nowadays we provide systems globally to all sorts of facilities from huge mine sites to oil and gas companies, from Papua New Guinea to the foothills of the Andes.

In addition to our standard products we also undertake bespoke development, often building on core database structure and functionality, to meet particular needs of our clients. Examples here include a recent Laboratory Sampling Management System for The Waste Recycling Group and the Incident Management System developed initially for Viridor.

Viridor ( is one of the UK's leading resource and waste management companies working with more than 80 local authorities and thousands of private customers. Within Viridor there is a requirement to manage incident information for both internal and external purposes. For example in the latter case under Viridor’s Environmental Permit to operate they are required (under Schedule 6) to report to the Environment Agency (the UK regulatory body) if there is a breach of a compliance threshold, or if an incident occurs which is likely to lead to a significant breach (e.g. a failure of environmental control equipment).

In the past Viridor have used their own desk based MS Access database, and have been reliant on paper copies of reports which have then been entered manually into the Access system. This process was both laborious and error prone. It also did not assist the overall incident management process and incidents and their follow-up actions could not be effectively tracked

We have now developed an application, Monitor-Pro IMS, which exists as a browser-based incident management and reporting system to help with this requirement and which is now used across the organisation. It provides a holistic environment in which all incidents are now managed and creates ownership of incidents and action plans including follow-ups.

The categories of incident managed in the system include:

  • Accidents or injuries
  • Complaints / feedback
  • Dangerous occurrences
  • Environmental incidents or breaches
  • Near misses
  • Audit non-conformances
  • Operators Licence (O Licence) for operating good vehicles
  • Road Traffic accidents
  • Security breaches (theft, vandalism etc)

The first stage in any incident is the user enters basic data about the incident and chooses the category of incident. Details of the incident and surrounding circumstances are recorded in the system. The type and extent of data depends on the incident and is entered as both free text and as items from pick lists. In the case of injuries lost time is also recorded and the incident can then be flagged as a ‘reportable incident’ under the UK Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR). This would be the case if lost time is greater than 3 days for example. For each incident, causes are identified and specified and an action plan is put in place which can then be tracked. Ancillary information e.g. photographs can be uploaded.

Once the data is in the system, e-mails are then sent with incident details to other relevant individuals based on the category of incident. If the incident is an accident or injury e-mails would automatically be sent to the Health and Safety Group asking them to contribute, and if the incident is of sufficient severity then regional or area managers may also be required to take action. In any case senior mangers can receive details of incidents if required. Recipients of e-mails are defined by the administrator of the system and are completely flexible. If changes are made to the incident details post submission then e-mails are sent to specified individuals to inform them and an audit trail of changes maintained.

Users are then able to interrogate the data in the system. Summary screens can be viewed to provide a summary of incident for example by type, date, region or site. Searches can also be made to identify for example types of environmental incidents, types of injuries, particular injured body parts and Riddor incidents. Such searches then return a list of relevant incidents which users can use to drill down on particular examples. Bespoke reports can also be prepared for example to share particular predefined summaries and other information either for internal or external purposes.

MP IMS has been installed at Viridor since the autumn of 2008 and is now used to manage incident information at 50 sites. Whilst Viridor are a waste management company we believe the system addresses cross sector issues and therefore we could have a wide application.

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