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ELDAN Multi Purpose Rasper very popular in Italy


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An ELDAN Multi Purpose Rasper (MPR200) and ELDAN Tyre Granulation and Separation Line has been sold to Italian tyre recycler Microgomma Energia.

“Microgomma Energia is one of the most important players in Italy among companies recycling waste tires. They have been in the industry for over 35 years, and it is a great honor that they have decided to trust ELDAN Recycling to expand the plants” says Alessandro Silvestri at NME s.r.l. – ELDAN’s local representative.

The company based in Montepulciano, already working for several years with an ELDAN Multi Purpose Rasper (MPR160T) for the production of rubber chips. The MPR200 was delivered and installed in September 2017. The ELDAN Tyre Granulation and Separation Line complete with Jet Air Filter System will be delivered and commissioned on early 2018.

“Just in the last 24 months ELDAN Recycling have supplied Multi Purpose Raspers to five customers in Italy, which is an absolute quality confirmation of this machine. It is the best one to produce high-quality rubber chips with high reliability and low operating costs” ends Silvestri.

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