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Eldan Recycling Facing Brexit


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The uncertainty of the UK economy after Brexit and lack of a stable government, has not affected the opportunities for Eldan Recycling in this key market.

Enquiries show that there is still demand from customers who want to enter the recycling industry. “The past 12 months we have secured a steady quantity of orders” says Peter Jones UK Branch Manager at Eldan Recycling. “Ranging from a complete shredder system to recover non-ferrous metals from redundant electric meters to recovering valuable copper from harness wire in engine looms. Also within tyre recycling we have supplied plants and single machines to produce rubber chip size material and TDF”.

Peter goes on to say “We work with small and large companies – we treat both the same and supply them with a solution that meets their requirements. We have a lot of customers who have been operating our equipment for years, we are very proud of this and I find a lot of our new UK enquiries come from people who have heard about the reliability of our machinery and the support that we offer”. Eldan will continue to supply a premium product that will be sought after by the UK recycling industry, even if it finally leaves the EU.

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