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Electro Scan Inc. Announces New Products to Overhaul Sewer Pipeline Evaluation Market


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Electro Scan Inc. today announced the availability of the ES-38TM for Sewer Laterals. The ES-38TM is the first in a series of next generation sewer evaluation products for plumbers and sewer utilities to identify and quantify pipe defects that cause leaks. The ES-38TM is designed for sewer laterals from 3” to 8” in diameter. The company also announced its companion Smartphone app and Critical SewersTM cloud computing application.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (PRWEB) January 23, 2012 --

“I’m delighted to introduce such an innovative technology,” states Chuck Hansen, CEO of Electro Scan Inc. “Plumbers and sewer utilities have traditionally used closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to inspect sewers. Unfortunately, CCTV relies on subjective visual observations which are unreliable in finding leaks. In contrast, Electro Scan Inc.’s proprietary technology automatically finds leaks by measuring the variation of electricity passing through a pipe’s wall to locate cracks, fractures, defective joints, and faulty taps. If a pipe leaks water, it leaks electricity, too!”

Electro Scan Inc. products uniquely identify all pipe defects that leak. As a result, sewer utilities and plumbers can accurately locate all defects that cause leaks, certify that relined pipes and repairs are leak-free, and help eliminate costly upgrades to trunk line, storage, and treatment plants.

Key features of the ES-38™ for Sewer Laterals includes:

  • Push Rod – Only needs access to a sewer clean out
  • One-Man Operation – A straight forward operation
  • Intelligent Data – Eliminates data interpretation or judgment, i.e., no visual observations required
  • Minimal Set-Up & Operation – Takes about 30 minutes to electro scan 100 feet of sewer lateral
  • Automated Reporting – Displays on smartphone or outputs to ruggedized printer via Bluetooth®
  • Transmits Data to the Cloud – Critical SewersTM allows office personnel to review up-to-the-minute scan results from the field to bid repairs


“We were delighted that the recently conducted U.S. EPA-sponsored field demonstration showed that sewer electro scan technology is more effective than CCTV at finding and quantifying defects that leak,” stated Rob Harris, Electro Scan Inc.’s Chief Scientist. “We have designed our products to comply with the Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard F2550-06 and are proud to begin offering products and services that will spearhead the next generation in sewer leak detection.”

Currently, the State of California requires all residential properties and commercial businesses be properly connected to a sewer main, prior to the close of escrow. Some utilities test a seller’s sewer lateral by using air or water pressure tests to determine whether a property owner’s sewer lateral has leaks.

In the case of a ‘failed’ test result, utilities have been unable to tell property owners and realtors the exact location and severity of leaks. Electro Scan Inc. provides a detailed analysis of a sewer lateral helping plumbers and property owners determine whether all or part of a sewer pipe needs replacement or repair; a difference of several thousand dollars.

The ES-38TM for Sewer Laterals has a retail price of $9,750, including the ES-38TM Air Push Rod.

“I apologize for the disruption that Electro Scan will likely cause,” stated Chuck Hansen. “Overhauling and replacing outdated support systems is always a difficult task. But, we’ve worked hard to prepare a seamless roadmap to help make a successful transition. Make sure you visit our website to download a copy of various case studies and published papers, including a copy of the EPA Field Demonstration Report, that show electro scan technologies to be 3 to 5 times more effective than traditional CCTV inspection. You may never buy another CCTV camera again.”

About Electro Scan Inc.

Electro Scan Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets products utilizing sewer electro scan technologies and intelligent data solutions that identify and prioritize sewer defects that can leak. Currently, the Company offers the ES-38TM to enable plumbers and sewer utilities to reliably and accurately identify all defects in sewer laterals that leak. The company also offers its smartphone app and ruggedized field printer, in addition to its Critical SewersTM cloud computing hosted application. Electro Scan Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Sacramento, California. For more information, visit http://www.electroscan.com.

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