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Electrolytic Technologies Corporation Designated by Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology

Electrolytic Technologies is pleased to announce that it’s Klorigen on-site chemical generation equipment has been designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology by the US Department of Homeland security.

After a thorough review and evaluation by the Office of SAFETY Act Implementation, the Under Secretary for Science and Technology of DHS has determined that Electrolytic Technologies Corporation’s electrochemical on-site chlorine and sodium hypochlorite generating technology Klorigen™ meets the criteria set forth in Section 441(b) of the SAFETY Act and the corresponding criteria in Section 25.4(b) of the regulations.

Klorigen is a safer alternative for organizations that use elemental chlorine. Klorigen eliminates the risks associated with the transportation, handling and storage of pressurized chlorine gas. Following the events in Iraq, where chlorine was used by terrorists to kill and injure numerous residents, Electrolytic Technologies recognized the potential of this toxic chemical as a WMD and applied to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for designation as an Anti-Terrorism Technology. After more than three years of analysis and review by DHS, ETC received its Certificate of SAFETY Act Designation on February 16, 2010.

“As the exclusive supplier of this inherently safe technology, we see this as an important and significant certification that will provide confidence to our customers and make a contribution to making our communities safer by removing the danger of a major toxic gas release and reducing their risk of exposure,” remarked Mr. Derek Lubie, President of Electrolytic Technologies.

Klorigen™ on-site chlor-alkali generating systems produce elemental chlorine gas and very pure sodium hydroxide (“caustic soda) through the conversion of water and salt with a patented process specifically designed for point-of use applications by minimally trained operators. A unique feature of this technology allows the conversion of the chlorine and sodium hydroxide generated by this equipment to also produce sodium hypochlorite at concentrations up to 15% (150 gpl). Klorigen™ is available as factory-manufactured modular systems with production capacities ranging from 50 pounds per day to 50,000 pounds per day of chlorine, either as gas or high strength sodium hypochlorite. Klorigen™ produced chemicals have been certified as NSF/ANSI 60 for drinking water applications.

About Electrolytic Technologies
Electrolytic Technologies Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of on-site chlorine gas and 12.5% sodium hypochlorite generators. The company’s unique technology is offered to customers in the form of fully engineered systems, built in modules to fit nearly any application. The customers served by Electrolytic Technologies are typically in the water, wastewater, chemical, bleach production, pulp/paper, industrial and power generation industries.

Electrolytic Technologies serves its customers globally from its head office and manufacturing facility in North Miami Beach, Florida USA.

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