Electropositive Pleated Cartridges exhibit ultra-low SDI values


Source: Argonide Corporation

Argonide’s patented NanoCeram® technology has staked a claim in the demanding membrane prefiltration market. The Sanford, Florida-based company manufactures a full line of standard filter cartridges based on their patented NanoCeram® electropositive media. This media yields SDI (Silt Density Index) values averaging < 0.5 with turbidity levels < 0.01 NTU when incorporated in standard pleated cartridges. These results will often out-perform many UF devices currently used in ultrapure water systems.

Considering the significant cost factors for today’s RO filtration systems, protecting a typical system becomes an economic necessity. Virtually all RO manufacturers specify a feed water stream with < 1.0 NTU and SDI levels of <5.0, with many preferring levels < 3.0. SDI is an empirical test used to characterize the fouling potential of a feed water stream. The test is based on measuring the rate of plugging a 45 micron filter using a constant 30 psig feed pressure for a specified period of time. SDI30 refers to a silt density index test which was run for 30 minutes. For example, spiral wound systems typically require an SDI < 5.0 and hollow fiber systems require an SDI < 3.0. Most deep well waters have an SDI of 3.0 and most surface water have SDI’s greater than 6.0.

For the purpose of presenting a fair comparison of commercially available prefilters, Argonide tested their NanoCeram® filter cartridge against several well-known prefilters for RO systems. The results from those laboratory tests are available and exhibit NanoCeram®’s significant advantage in removing submicron particulate when compared to other commercially available filter cartridges typically used as prefilters to RO systems. Even under extreme loading, NanoCeram® yields ultra-low SDI values (averaging < 0.5) and NTU levels often below detectable levels - providing long-lasting protection of RO and even UP membranes susceptible to premature fouling.

Comparisons to UF and MF solutions for R.O. system pretreatment are favorable given lower capital investment costs, overall energy costs versus pressure-driven systems, decreased system maintenance costs, lower waste disposal costs, and less water waste.

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