ElectroPulse electrocoagulation system


Electrocoagulation is a green water treatment echnology that uses a very low-voltage DC electrical charge to clean the water. It uses a proprietary treatment chamber where the DC current is applied to treat a wide range of differing waste streams containing heavy metals, oil & grease, TSS and more. Not only are heavy metals and other difficult toxins removed from the water, but they are also oxidised and generally will pass a TCLP test.

Electrocoagulation can be used to treat municipal, industrial, commercial waste water (e.g. storm water, equipment wash water, marine wash water, metals removal…etc.). The contaminated water is given a small electrical charge in the ElectroCell. The reaction is immediate, separating the contaminants from the water. This removes contaminants that other water treatment options (filtration, bioremediation and chemical treatment…etc.) are unsuccessful in treating.

The OilTrap system can process from 5 to 400 gallons per minute and is typically of quality that can be recycled or discharged to a sewer and in some cases discharged to surface water also; average treatment cost is about USD0.003 per gallon making the ElectroPulse the most economical solution. The OilTrap ElectroPulse is 100% automated by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The PLC manages all system processes, monitors operation and errors and provides direct communication to the factory which significantly reduces operator interface.

OilTrap is constantly designing water treatment solutions to keep customers in environmental compliance and meeting their treatment objectives. Customised and modular for accommodating floor space, OilTrap keeps only the customer in mind.

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