Elementary School TAG Students Tour Ohmsett



Leonardo, New Jersey -- Ohmsett, Leonardo, New Jersey - On May 16, 2017 a group of very bright third grade students from the Talented and Gifted Program at Menlo Park Elementary School in Edison, New Jersey visited Ohmsett to learn about oil spills. As part of their Engineering curriculum, the students are studying 'A Slick Solution -Oil Spill Cleanup Engineering' where they are focusing on the understanding of different cleanup approaches, including hands-on experiments in the classroom using different cleaning materials.

Ohmsett, The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility, is one of the largest outdoor saltwater wave/tow tanks in North America. It is designed to evaluate the performance of full-scale oil spill response equipment and marine renewable energy systems (wave energy conversion devices) in realistic but safe environmental conditions. The facility, managed by BSEE and operated by MAR (MD) LLC, is located at the Naval Weapons Station Earle Waterfront in Leonardo, New Jersey (about one hour drive south of New York City).

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