Eliminating the need for Chemicals for Water treatment


Source: Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

UK Based Fluid Dynamics announces that   a totally CHEMICAL FREE  totally GREEN water treatment system is s now possible.

Since 1973 Fluid Dynamics has been manufacturing non chemical water treatment systems

Eliminating the addition of harmful salt in water softeners  and  chemicals so dangerous that they can only be handled wearing protective clothing . Eliminating the need to descales scaled up systems and increasing productivity and saving energy.  Now Fluid Dynamics has added the Chemical free Biokleen Bioioniser to its range. 


Fluid Dynamics  Chemical FREE Scale prevention systems are now used all over the world including by such major names as Walmart, Unilever, Gazprom  and Kimberly Clark   for the past 40 years Fluid Dynamics have been effectively addressing  the problems of scaling caused by hard water.



Now with  Fluid Dynamics BIOKLEEN  Bio- Ioniser  range for the elimination of Bacteria, Algae and slimes from cooling and heating systems Fluid Dynamics can eliminate chemicals from many water cooling and heating and purifying systems.   The Biokleen is based on The UK’s oldest non chemical bio-ioniser  used in applications such as hospitals and even the country home of the British Prime Minister.

The BioKleen  Bio-Ioniser  is so safe to use  that similar  systems have been used to provide pure drinking water on Manned space missions.

Imagine that the time has now come where chemical dosing is a thing of the past, where the risk of handling hazardous chemicals  is eliminated and where there is a total water treatment system that can handle the twin problems of bacteria  bio fouling and Scale deposition  with no need of dosing pumps or chemical replacement and with no adverse effect on the environment.


Using The Biokleen  will also save energy – the standard method of reducing the risk of Legionella development in buildings water systems is to keep the water very hot and risk scalding people .. this too can now be eliminated and water temperatures can be reduced to acceptable levels saving energy and reducing risk.


Bioionisers are approved by the UK government  as a method of Legionella control


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