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ELP Fuel Is Grabbing Attention of the Aviation Industry


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LP fuel has been a topic of great argument in the Aviation Industry. This ELP fuel is an outcome of the plastic waste. In order to come to a conclusion, a trip from Sydney to London has been planned. Pilot Jeremy Roswell is going to fly a Cessna 182 in a single- piston engine using this plastic waste fuel. If he completes the trip successfully, this fuel from waste would gain a considerable importance in the Aviation Industry. It would emerge as a great alternative to the conventional fuel being used. It would also contribute in saving our environment from the harmful consequences caused due to the otherwise highly used conventional fuels.

This innovative way of fuel making evolved owing to a special purpose. The reason being, the contribution of this industry in creating hazards in our environment. This created a great concern in the mind of Roswell regarding our environment. This apprehension of Roswell gave birth to an initiative named “On Wings of Waste”. Along with Cynar PLC, he instigated recycling plastic in order to produce fuel. Cynar PLC is a well-known company that produces synthetic diesel from ELP.

Cynar PLC uses the pyrolysis process involving thermal degradation of the material. This typically occurs in the absence of oxygen. This process produces various gases in different compartments, which are made to pass through condensers. These condensers are designed especially for this process. They produce petroleum distillates that are further converted to liquid fuel. The remnant gases are used to heat the plastic and hence diverted back to the furnace. The leftovers contain 5% char that can be used to manufacture tiles and concrete. This process has been adopted by many firms across the globe.

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