Emissions Software for Site Cleanups: Demonstration at A&WMA


Source: Minnich and Scotto, Inc.

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- Minnich and Scotto, Inc will present a paper, “Validation Testing of the Area-Source Technique Using EPA Method TO-16” at the Air & Waste Management Association’s Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology Conference, March 15-17, 2016, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The presentation is scheduled for 2:20 pm, March 1.  Immediately following the session, interested parties can attend a hands-on demonstration of e-Calc©, Minnich and Scotto’s emissions-calculation software package designed to yield gaseous contaminant emission rates from ground-level sources, in real time, based on the area-source technique using AERMOD.

The Windows-based e-Calc software “back-calculates” precise 15-minute-averaged emission-rate snapshots (mass per time) from virtually any ground-level source, such as oil and gas production well-pad components, landfills, wastewater lagoons or ponds, hazardous waste site cleanups, or transportation-related accidents.  Originally created to help municipal solid waste landfill owners comply with mandated methane emissions reporting and permitting requirements, e-Calc is designed for easy use with any open-path spectrometer.  It can also accommodate point-type monitor data, as long as the measured concentrations along a downwind path are spatially averaged.

E-Calc is based on the area-source technique, developed by the U.S. EPA Environmental Response Team in the early 1990s for deriving emission factors during pilot-scale Superfund remediations.  The area-source technique is intended primarily for use with optical remote sensing (ORS) – FTIR, UV, or TDL open-path spectroscopy – in which a path-integrated concentration is generated in the cross-plume dimension, i.e., a “whole-plume” approach.

Minnich and Scotto’s presentation will focus on results from two recent field studies, during which the capability of the area-source technique to quantify emission rates was successfully demonstrated.  The first study, sponsored by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), involved the controlled release of propane from the parking lot at Anaheim Stadium.  The second study, led by Texas A&M University, involved the controlled release of sulfur hexafluoride from locations near a compressor/condensate-tank complex and an assembly of gas-gathering pipelines.  In each study, e-Calc was employed to measure emission rates using the area-source technique, and compared to known release rates.

E-Calc computes wind-speed profiles and dispersion coefficients based on surface characteristics, solar insolation, and statistical data treatments such as the standard deviations of the vertical wind speed and horizontal wind direction.  The software employs the U.S. EPA regulatory version of AERMOD in order to maintain the model’s legal Guideline status.  All e-Calc results are, therefore, technically defensible and legally admissible in a court of law.

For further information about e-Calc, or to indicate your interest in attending the demonstration, please contact us. 

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