EMLab P&K Performs Bacterial Analysis for Rachael Ray Show, Testing Old Makeup and Beauty Products


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Recently the Emmy Award-winning Rachael Ray Show contacted EMLab P&K for bacterial analysis. The show wanted to prove that old makeup and beauty supplies harbor bacteria and could be potentially harmful to the user.

EMLab P&K provided microbiology analysis and microbial consulting for the Rachael Ray Show. EMLab P&K tested several beauty products and ran state-of-the-art bacterial speciation tests along with E.coli, fecal and total coliform tests for each sample. The results of the bacteria tests can be viewed in the segment 'Is Your Makeup Making You Sick?' on Rachael Ray's website at:

The Rachael Ray Show relied heavily upon EMLab P&K's expertise and timely bacterial analysis. EMLab P&K demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in assisting clients with special projects that are not common. With superior service and state-of-the-art Microbial Identification System (MIDI), EMLab P&K was able to accommodate all the needs of the Rachael Ray Show in a timely manner.

'The Rachael Ray Show put their trust in EMLab P&K for our excellent client service and for our high quality, accurate bacterial analysis,' said Phil Robertson, Regional Account Manager at EMLab P&K. 'We are glad to support a show of this credibility and magnitude.'

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EMLab P&K, a TestAmerica company, is one of the leading commercial indoor air quality laboratories in North America with over 60 service and drop-off locations throughout the United States. EMLab P&K specializes in analyzing air and surface samples to identify mold, bacteria, fungi, asbestos, and allergens. EMLab P&K also offers USP 797 testing, PCR testing, radon analysis, and materials testing. EMLab P&K has an extensive list of accreditations from leading organizations and government agencies including: AIHA, NVLAP, CDC ELITE, CA-ELAP, NY-ELAP, Texas DSHS, and other accrediting programs.

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