EMO 2013 - Zero liquid discharge metal working, sustainable and profitable


Source: H2O GmbH

Steinen, 19. July 2013. -- Nowadays, in almost every metal working process environmentally dangerous wastewater is produced, which is not allowed to be disposed of into the public sewer system. These are for instance spent cooling lubricant emulsions, release emulsions from die casting, or rinsing water from parts cleaning and other surface technology processes like galvanic plating, phosphatizing, pickling or grinding.

Disposal of such industrial wastewater with specialized waste management companies is expensive. In-house processing with future oriented vacuum distillation systems proofed to be a viable alternative to the disposal. The treated water can be recycled to the manufacturing process creating a zero liquid discharge production. You consequently save sustainably valuable fresh water resources and invest into a clean future worth living in. At the same time you reduce the volume of your wastewater and respectively your waste management cost up to 99 percent.

More information on effective and reliable ideas for a zero liquid discharge production you can get on H2O’s booth at the EMO in Hannover (booth A53 in hall 7, schedule of appointments under www.h2o-de.com or info@h2o-de.com.

About H2O GmbH – The experts for zero liquid discharge production from H2O belong globally to the most experienced experts for effective and reliable evaporators for the processing and recycling of industrial wastewater. Due to modular technology all systems are tailor made based on individual customer requirements. More than 25 years of experience are standing for exceptional products, setting technological benchmarks on the market.

Since foundation of the company as a management-buy-out from the Mannesmann Demag group of companies in 1999 the owner managed company could win a growing number of loyal customers, appreciating the services from H2O. Since foundation the turnover grew by annually 15 % to more than 13 Mio. € in 2012. Today H2O has 85 employees worldwide, 65 thereof in the headquarters in Steinen in the black forest in Germany.

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