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EMSA stand-by services expanding from the Baltic to the Atlantic


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Lamor and Clean Globe establish an oil spill response center in Portugal

Lamor and Clean Globe International, member companies of the Lamor Group, will establish an oil spill center equipment stockpile in Sines, Portugal.  For the three year contract, which was awarded to Lamor in a EU tender in November 2006, a 3,000 tdw chemical/ oil tanker MT Galp Marine will be contracted and pre-fitted as an occasional oil spill recovery vessel by March 2007.

Last year, Lamor Corporation Ab entered into a significant agreement with the European Maritime Safety Agency, EMSA, for improving the oil spill response readiness on the Baltic Sea. A pool of five vessels have since been modified to ensure rapid installation of specialized oil pollution response equipment from either of the two stockpiles, which are located in Porvoo (Finland) and Copenhagen (Denmark).  The contract with EMSA is now expanding to the Atlantic. The MT Galp Marine tanker normally operates along the Portuguese Coast and will be on stand-by readiness in case of major oil spills along the Southern European Atlantic Coast. The agreement includes co-operation with Seacenter Transportes Maritimos Lda, Fresti and Galo Energia SGPS SA, all companies which are based in Lisbon, Portugal. Seacenter Transportes Maritimos Lda. is the owner of the chemical/oil tanker MT Galp Marine. Seacenter is owned and managed by Captain Ebel Slobben of Seatrend Shipping NV, who has over 20 years of experience in ship building and management.  Fresti, a highly skilled ship management, training and consulting company, manages and provides the spill response crew for MT Galp Marine.

Lamor will provide extensive training for the Fresti team, in order for them to be able to operate as local first response teams, based in Lisbon and Sines. Galp Energia SGPS SA, is a long term charterer of the vessel MT Galp Marine. Galp Energia is Portugal’s leading integrated oil and natural gas company. Mr Sousa Nunes, General Manager of Galp Energia Bunkers Division, says they are at the forefront of the industry and taking great pride in showing their environmental consciousness.  MT Galp Marine will take part in at sea oil spill drills, exercises and possible actual recovery operations during the three year contract with EMSA. In case of a major oil spill and when a EU member state like Portugal, Spain or France, would require additional oil spill recovery capacity, the vessel MT Galp Marine can be made available within 15 hours with equipment loaded on the vessel and with a dedicated, well trained crew on-board.

The equipment includes complete independent systems for off-shore oil recovery, either in advancing mode with side sweep systems, or with boom and skimmer systems. According to the request by EMSA, the 12 meter long sweeping arms are of rigid type. Lamor has perfected the traditional Rigid Sweeping Arm system with a new design including interchangeable brush belt and weir lip modules. The oil tanker will also be fitted with two 250m sections of Lamor/Norlense Rapid Deployment boom systems on reels, a remote controlled Lamor Off-shore skimmer, Lamor GT A pumps, oil spill detection system from Seadarq as well as with dedicated crane and power pack systems.
”Lamor and Clean Globe International have formed a relationship based on mutual trust with EMSA”, Pekka Eskelinen, Vice President of Clean Globe International says.  ”Lamor benefits from its position as the leading oil spill recovery equipment provider and of the expertise we have in developing innovative recovery solutions to demanding oil spill situations.  On the other hand, Clean Globe International has the ability and drive to identify and form mutually beneficial and value adding partnerships. When combined, we can offer a very advantageous concept to customers such as EMSA”, Eskelinen continues. The Lamor-EMSA Agreement is administered by Clean Globe International Ltd, which is the operative partner of Lamor.

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