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EN 15267 Approved Mercury Monitoring System


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The measurement of total gaseous mercury is a challenge due to chemical reactions and contamination. The installed systems will often require a lot of maintenance, still not giving reliable results.

The OPSIS System 400 is different and provides the plants with an accurate mercury analyser, that will operate with a minimum of maintenance. The simple design gives high performance with fast response time and low maintenance.

OPSIS System 400 has been type tested and approved according to EN 15267 by TÜV, Germany, and MCERTS, U.K., for both Hg0 and HgTOT, as well as other gaseous compounds. The approvals comprise CEM installations such as waste to energy plants, cement industries and power plants.

Besides the measurements of Hg0 and HgTOT, the same analyser system can measure a large number of other gases required by legislation such as NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, NH3, H2O, HF, and HCl.

The OPSIS system has low cost of ownership based on few moving parts, long intervals between calibrations, easy operation and low energy consumption.

Watch our video about Hg monitoring with OPSIS System 400 on www.opsis.se.

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