Enablon and Enhesa Join Forces to Provide the World’s Most Complete and Integrated EHS Audit & Compliance Solution


Source: Enablon

Chicago / Washington DC – Enablon, the world's leading provider of sustainability and QEHS management software solutions and Enhesa, the global environmental, health and safety regulatory consultancy, today announced a strategic partnership to provide global companies with the most complete and  integrated EHS audit & compliance solution on the market.

Enablon ACS, one of the leading compliance management solution for companies and their suppliers now integrates Enhesa International Audit Protocol Service to help companies measure their compliance with EHS requirements anywhere around the world.

”Climate change, environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility are all key components of a company’s performance,”  said Dan Vogel, CEO of Enablon. “To support compliance and manage risk in this environment, we are pleased to partner with Enhesa to deliver a solution that allows EHS executives around the globe to manage audit plans, measure compliance, share best practices and report on performance to relevant regulatory bodies.”

“Enablon is the clear technology and innovation leader in the Sustainability and EHS management software market,” commented Thierry Dumortier, managing director at Enhesa. “We are very proud to announce our strategic partnership with Enablon to offer the world’s most complete and integrated EHS compliance management solution.”

Most extensive global coverage: Enhesa EHS Audit Protocols for more than 100 countries, including state and regional requirements are directly available in Enablon ACS software. EHS executives around the world now have access in a click of a button to their local compliance requirements in their native language.

Modules tailored to specific needs:  The solution contains adaptable modules to meet the specific compliance needs of a given facility or industry sector. The scope covered by the solution includes:

  • General Environmental Requirements
  • Air Emission Management
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Chemicals Management
  • Hazardous Materials Management/Transport
  • Safety Management
  • Process Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness/Response
  • Occupational Health

Direct access to regulatory text with expert analysis: The solution provides hyperlinks to original text from the legislation/regulations associated with the related analysis including narrative information on how each issue is regulated.

Automated scorecards and audit findings reports: Enablon ACS integrates the Enhesa ScoreCard methodology, which allows auditors to easily and objectively rank each finding for risk, root cause, and corrective action required.

Key EH&S Management Emerging Trends

As the economy recovers, public and government attention remains focused on environment and safety issues and regulatory activity continues to grow. EHS leaders are preparing for the upcoming compliance challenges by identifying the global trends in EHS regulation that will impact their businesses.

Enhesa has identified 5 key emerging EHS issues of the coming decade that will strongly impact business:

  1. Chemicals: REACH in the EU, the EPA Chemical Management Program in the US, the Globally Harmonized System, and the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management. With these major developments underway, chemical regulation is one of the major issues for EHS professionals.
  2. Climate Change: While the Copenhagen conference failed to come to any agreement on a new international climate change agreement, there is no doubt that national governments will continue to adopt regulations to meet their climate change goals.
  3. Products: From hazardous substance restrictions to energy efficiency standards and end-of-life requirements, there is a rapid growth in the number of product regulations made each year –from 200 in 2004 to almost 700 in 2009. The regulations will impact product manufacturers and suppliers.
  4. Water: With climate change, pollution and population growth, water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource.  Many businesses are now required to meet the twin challenges of complying with new water regulations and preparing for water scarcity. 
  5. Corporate responsibility: As a result of regulations and NGO scrutiny, information about companies’ environmental performance is more public than ever. Increasingly, sustainability reporting is becoming a legal requirement and business must be proactive to protect their reputation.

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